Bourbon Whiskey & Straight Rye Whiskey
$75.99 & $90.99 (750 ml)

Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon:
Peerless Bourbon offers a balanced mix of fruit, floral, and oak flavors. Its aroma features citrus, cedar, and honeysuckle with a hint of spicy oak. The taste is caramel and toasted oak with a variety of flavors on the palate. The finish is a combination of sweet and spicy notes, making it enjoyable for both novices and experts alike.

Peerless Straight Rye Whiskey
Peerless Rye is a well-balanced whiskey that has a sweet taste of maple, brown sugar, and light citrus sweetness. It finishes with a subtle hint of oak and without any throat burn. Thanks to its unique distilling process, Peerless Rye stands out from other ryes with its exceptionally smooth taste. It is perfect for sipping and enjoying with friends and family.