100% Syrah

Nestled in the Valley de Caneten (Colchagua) of central Chile, lies Los Vascos. Just 25 miles from the sea, this closed valley boasts an ideal microclimate for exceptional viticulture. The vineyards enjoy a Northern exposure, shielded from airborne and water-borne pollutants. The daily on-shore winds create temperature fluctuations between 68-77°F, fostering optimal grape maturation. Prepare to be captivated by enthralling aromatics that reveal the distinct character of each lot, with notes of violets, blackberry, a touch of pepper, and raspberry macaroons. On the palate, this wine impresses with its power, volume, gentle tannins, and lively acidity. The lingering aftertaste showcases a delightful medley of red and black berries. Expect this wine to evolve beautifully, unfolding complexity at every stage.